Dr. R. Nagaswamy's
Tamil Arts Academy
தமிழ் ஆர்ட்ஸ் அகெடமி

The Tamil Arts Academy is an institution engaged in the study, survey, data collection, publication, preservation and providing facilities for research Scholars in Arts, Literature, Religion, Philosophy and Culture. Its study extends to whole of India and South Asia in general and Tamil Nadu in particular. It also pays attention to contacts of the Tamils with other parts of the world. It is a fact that the Indian and South Asian Art and Civilization are deeply rooted in the Vedas. It firmly believes that Tamil civilization can be fully and properly comprehended by a study of Sanskrit language and literature in the context of larger Indian heritage. It also believes visual representations of India's heritage by its temples, sculptures, paintings, inscriptions, manuscripts, medicine and allied sastras and oral traditions are the most telling evidences that require greater attention.

The Tamil Arts academy was established as a non profit Cultural and Research institution, by the Family members of Dr. R. Nagaswamy, on the first of Jan. 2000 CE, to mark his 70th birthday as a tribute to his life long service to the cause of Art and Archaeology in general and Tamil Archaeology in particular.